Jio Coin Price In India & All Over The World [Latest Information]

Launch of India’s first cryptocurrency from Reliance Jio is almost going to happen. Within few days Jio Coin will be launched all over the India and the whole World as well. So, people are now confused about Jio Coin Price. Though, we already described all the things about Jio Coin price in our previous article.

But now, we decided to create another separate article which described only about Jio Coin Price in India and all over the World as well.

So, without any further do, let’s start getting all the info about Jio Coin price in India and Worldwide.

Jio Coin Price In India World

Before we move, I just wanted to notify you that, as of now Jio Coin is not official and we haven’t heard any comment on Jio Coin from the company itself.

So, as of now, all of these facts are just expected. Jio Coin price is also a prediction as of now. But we hope very soon it will be launched by Mukesh Ambani and his son Akash Ambani, who is leading the whole cryptocurrency thing for Reliance with 50 other young professionals.

Jio Coin Price In India & World

According to our internal investigation’s report, Jio Coin rate will be around 0.5 dollar initially. If we convert $0.5 into our Indian currency, it will be around Rs 32.

But the report also says that, Jio Coin price will increase over time. So, people who will buy Jio Coin in first lot, will get Jio Coin at most cheapest price.

And then on second lot of sale, it will reach up to $1 that means double. In Indian currency, it will be around Rs 65. And after that, on third lot of the sale, it will climb double again, that means $2 (Rs 130 approx.).

Now you can decide, how much profit can it give to the traders. But according to sources, buying Jio Coin in first lot will be most difficult. And after that Jio Coin price will climb up and it will be easy to buy, but with double rate.

Participate In Jio Coin Referral Program

One thing you can do is, just participate in Jio Coin referral program once it releases. We have heard that, Jio will launch Jio Coin referral program on 1st of February and it will be continued to 15th February.

Between these 15 days, users will be able to refer others to buy Jio Coin. And for each successful refer, referrer will get 10 Jio Coin tokens. That means, if you can convince 10 persons to buy Jio Coin using your referral link, you will get 100 free Jio Coin worth Rs 3,200 approximately.

You can also sell Jio Coins which you have got by referring people at higher price when Jio Coin price will climb up. So, there is a decent way to earn some good amount of real money by referring Jio Coin to your friends, family and others.

Beware Of Fake Jio Coin Sites

As we mentioned earlier, Jio Coin is still unofficial and when it will be launch, you will be notified via various channels such as television news channels, Youtube videos, news articles, etc.

Buy Jio Coin Price India Fake Website

Image Source: GadgetsNow

Beware, because there are many fake websites live on the internet which are charging up to Rs 100 for each Jio Coin. But it hasn’t been even launched yet. These types of fake websites looks like official Jio website and these are made only to earn money illegally by fooling people and collect users data.

So, never try to buy Jio Coin from unofficial websites. Your hard earned money and bank account details can be theft by duplicate sites.

Hope you got all the latest information about Jio Coin price from this article. If you have any further question regarding Jio Coin, you can ask it in the comment section below. We will reply to your question for sure.


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